You deserve success as the beautiful soulful woman that you are...


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The Soulful Success VIP strategy Session

1 highly engaged woman + 1 insightful & high octane coach + 1 powerful STRATEGY SESSION = ONE AMAZING YEAR AND AN INSPIRED LIFE

Join Ekene in a private one on one 4hr VIP intensive session (You’ll have one 45 minute break to process).

STOP THE HUSTLE & GRIND: Get clear & set authentic, strategic goals for success in your life

SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND: Discover the keys to getting more value out of life. 

BECOME YOUR HAPPIEST, WEALTHIEST SELF: Unravel the DNA of your soul to unlock your next level of abundance. 

DO THE RIGHT THINGS WELL: Create an action framework that will power up your 2018 and beyond.

  • Discover your areas of HIGHEST VALUE.

  • Structure your personal life so you can really have more ENERGY, more POWER and more PEACE.

  • Stop KILLING YOURSELF, feeling overwhelmed and still seeing poor or inconsistent results.

  • Discover your unique FEMININE Power centers and how attract everything you want into your life!

Get the clarity and understanding you need by embarking on a journey of self discovery.

Reveal your most powerful & energetic self

Understand the Butterfly Effect & use it to transform your life

Realign your life and rev up your feminine energy





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Book a private clarity session with Ekene


Book a 60 min 1 on 1 Clarity strategy session: $500

This is designed to tackle JUST one primary area of focus and help you get clarity on your next steps, to recognize the opportunities and design a strategic action plan to create results. 

Once you sign up, you will receive a pre-session discovery survey & so Ekene can research before you meet. You will get a worksheet to use during the session and a recording of the session.. 

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Don't let life just keep happening. Take control. Be intentional...This year can be a game changing year...that will lead to a powerhouse life...are you ready to make the investment in yourself? Take a few hours and transform your life!  

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