Authentic Confidence Masterclass and Workbook

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Authentic Confidence Masterclass and Workbook


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YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL & FRANKLY AWESOME, BUT you are not being valued at work, or at home or in life in general because you are not showing up as the confident powerhouse that you truly are

YOU HAVE GREAT IDEAS, you have done the planning BUT you haven't actually taken any action because deep down inside, you struggle with fear or worry that you or your offering will not be enough.

You are tired of playing small. You want to get out there and JUST GO FOR IT! You want to live fearlessly and share all the passions and talents that you have inside...

You have achieved success, BUT you are now ready for a new level of true success, you want to break every ceiling, breakthrough every wall, go all the way and be GREAT!

Here's what you will get in this workbook:

1. Practical, actionable strategies to tap into your inner rockstar energy. 

2. Simple techniques you can use immediately to become more respected & have more influence.

3. Insight and understanding into what authentic confidence really is. 

Here is what people said about the Authentic Confidence life class which this book is based upon. 

"I feel so inspired and finally ready to take action!"

"Ekene is the absolute TRUTH! This coaching course is great" Joyce Davis

"I never knew you could learn so much depth from a confidence class" Linda Okeke

"This was exhilarating. I can see myself in a whole new light now. I know what to start doing to move forward" Janice. C

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