Book Ekene to Speak

Ekene is a Global Speaker who has delivered powerful presentations from Toronto to Johannesburg. She has worked for diverse organizations such as Fortune 100 companies to churches. 

Some of her signature presentations include


Authentic Confidence

This presentation can be given as masterclass or workshop. It can also be tailored as for a short but powerful speech.

It will help your participants understand how to create confidence that is not superficial or conditional but rooted so that it stands up to any test.


The Big Vision

This is a powerful inspirational yet practical presentation that can be a workshop or a speech and it can even be tailored for religious organizations. 

It will give participants practical tools to create a vision and craft an action plan to implement it.


A Seat at the table

This presentation is an interactive call to action. It will empower, equip and awaken participants to their personal power and their responsibility to add value in whatever situation they find themselves in. It will also provide actionable steps to increased their perceived value and have higher impact and influence.

Other speaking focuses are:

Emotional Intelligence: The leader's guide

Thrive: Holistic wellness for busy women

Resilience training for high achieving women

I brought her in to lead a Big Vision workshop to a group of 20+ IT executive women. Ekene received one of the highest ratings of any speaker we’ve brought in. She is a masterful storyteller, powerful speaker and engaging facilitator. She was able to tap into parts of the women that they didn’t know were there and give them actionable steps to make real change in their lives and careers. I would highly recommend Ekene as a speaker or workshop facilitator and would certainly hire her again.

Kailei Carr
EMERGE Academy Director, ITSMF