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What would your life look life if you elevated to a place of higher calling?

The LevelUP PowerLab is for

  • The woman who is tired of playing small

  • The woman who is willing to put in the work and answer to her higher calling

  • The woman who dares to dream and make big moves

  • The woman who is tired of settling for less

  • The woman who knows she has the power to change her life

Is this you?

The LevelUP PowerLab is a 6 week program designed to bring out the best in you.

  • Get promoted - Elevate in your career

  • Increase your income - Get clarity and plan to open up more streams of income

  • Start attracting your perfect clients & business opportunities.

  • Get into a better relationship - Take your relationship to the next level

  • Become a higher value woman.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Week 1: Performance
Learn the key focus areas and steps you’ll need to elevate your performance.  

Week 2: Implementation week
You’ll receive email prompts as well as a digital journaling worksheet to help you get things done. You’ll be able to discuss your experiences in the private (LevelUP) group. 

Week 3: Perception
Learn the key steps to increase your perceived value and elevate how people see you. Through this, you will also increase your measure of influence. 

Week 4: Implementation week - You’ll receive email prompts as well as a digital journaling worksheet to help you get things done. You’ll be able to discuss your experiences in the private (LevelUP) group. 

Week 5: Visibility
Stop being the best-kept secret at work and at play. Discover the secrets used by women with powerful professional brands. Learn how to self promote in an authentic & organic way. 

Week 6: Implementation week
You’ll receive email prompts as well as a digital journaling worksheet to help you get things done. You’ll be able to discuss your experiences in the private (LevelUP) group. 
Every 2 weeks, you’ll receive a teaching video and a PDF worksheet with journal prompts that will help you apply what you learned into your life. 

After 6 weeks, if you follow the videos and do the work, you will levelUP and should see RESULTS. 
Note: This is a digital product. You will need a device (computer, laptop, smartphone) to play videos and open PDFs. You’ll need internet access or the ability to call in to a US number to join the live implementation sessions. You will be emailed the course content starting with the first email the day of your purchase. You can work through the course content at your own pace and will have access for 90days. 

This what you have been waiting for!


Get access to my authentic confidence class valued at $197 (including digital workbook) immediately you purchase this class.

How is this class different from others? 

I'm all about results - So this masterclass + implementation experience is designed to create just that, powerful, life changing results. Get the job, get the guy, get the life already! 

It's going to be fun and enjoyable - It will not be death by powerpoint. If you engage, you will see results. I will ask you to do real life exercises that will push you out of your comfort zone. 

The women I attract are like me, they don't have time for nonsense, they are ready to make things happen, and they are savvy, sophisticated and practical, so trust that this class is not going to be all airy fairy, affirmations and meditations (although some of those things do work and we will do mindset work and some airy fairy stuff) but I will also give you straight up practical tools and techniques and teach you some ways to create powerful change in yourself, so you can go all the way from stuck to fabulous.

Isn't it time you started living the life you were born to live? Stop dimming your light, stop hiding your sparkle...stop living your life as a question it as an exclamation point!

Are you ready to start living the fabulous life you were born to live, come on...register today and put your high heels on! We are going to push you to your next level!

“Women are less likely to take a risk on their career. Over time they end up missing out on opportunities.” - Judith Beck

What is the cost of not being as confident?

How many opportunities have you missed? Seriously? What if you were the confident powerhouse you know you could be in every area of your much more money could you be earning today?

“Fortune does favor the bold and you'll never know what you're capable of if you don't try.” - Sheryl Sandberg

That know, that idea that you have had forever...what if you could finally get started and make it happen? Could YOU be the next BIG thing?

If you want to get ahead, you have to be willing to be seen...



Thrive: The keys for Soulful Success

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One of the largest challenges for women around the world is managing work and life. When women struggle in this area, their work suffers. When their work suffers, the whole business suffers. More and more companies are understanding the value that women in particular bring to the table and as such are investing in ensuring that their women are able to manage this balance effectively. This class will give women a framework for wellness, happiness and productivity and you will recieve powerful strategies to use to be able to be successful in both work and life. 

Ekene draws from her background as a healthcare professional (She was a practicing pharmacist for over 16 years), a certified wellness coach, a certified social and emotional intelligence consultant and her background in Organizational and Change leadership.


  • SELF AWARENESS: Discover the hidden patterns that are working against you and find out the bright spots that you need to build up to truly live well.

  • RADICAL SELF CARE: Explore the fundamentals of healthy living and learn about the power of healing foods, herbs, essential oils, creating sleep rituals and more.


You will receive 

  • A PDF workbook to use in class and afterwards. ( Valued at $49)

  • A Paperback journal mailed to your home (US addresses only) (Valued at $25)

  • Access to the class recordings for up to 30days after the live session. (Valued at $99)

  • An opportunity for live coaching and Q&A with Ekene (Valued at $199)

All attendees will receive the Thrive 28day journal mailed to their homes. US addresses only.

All attendees will receive the Thrive 28day journal mailed to their homes. US addresses only.

Thrive: A 28 day self care journal for women
Thrive: A 28 d...
By Ekene Onu
Photo book


Live love and Be Happy with emotional wellness

Emotions are a gift, they make our lives more vibrant, more enjoyable and fill us with energy. They are meant to serve us and not drain us. Unfortunately sometimes the reverse is the case. Are your emotions adding value to your life or stealing away your life. Do you own your emotions, or do they own you? When the going gets tough, is it hard to get going? Are your emotions holding you back from living well. 

In this masterclass, you will 

  • Learn how to manage people and difficult situations with grace and calm.

  • Develop strategies for developing a positive emotional state of being, no matter what's going on in your life.

  • Learn how to manage stress effectively.

  • Create more rewarding relationships.

  • Learn the keys to a more peaceful and productive existence.

This course is for every woman who wants to live a life filled with love, joy and peace.

Why does every woman need this? Because we are all driven by emotions. The trick is figuring out how to channel your emotions to drive you forward and not letting them run amok and drive you crazy.

"The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your emotions" I would clarify that by saying the quality of your emotional control and the strength of your emotional core.


Big vision - this class will help you understand how to uplevel and upgrade your thinking and become a visionary and it will also help you craft a vision and action plan that will get you on your path to a more powerful, purposeful life.

The Big Vision course is unlike any other personal development course focusing on vision. It is an in-depth study on what you need to do before you craft your vision in order for you to successfully begin to execute on your vision. It also helps you create the necessary mind shifts you need to actually craft a compelling vision. 

You will also be able to translate your vision into actionable goals and at the end of the course, you will not only craft your BIG vision, but you will be able to create a plan to make it happen. 

This course is a powerful investment in your future. It's not enough to dream. 

As the french poet & thought leader, Anatole France said "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."

Enroll in this course now and accomplish great things for yourself, your family and your world.

Here is what people have said about past online life classes. 

"Thank you Ekene, You have helped me step up and step out!", Feyi, London

"This webinar was unprecedented, engaging and fulfilling!" Linda, Houston

"Exceeded my expectations" Renee, Atlanta

"Wonderful, WONDERFUL" Donna, Charlotte

"Ekene is the truth!" Joyce, Atlanta


Passion spark strategy session series is a live group coaching 3 1/2hr workshop with 2 email accountability follow ups. 


Attendees will identify their passions & purpose and “magic" & identify the best possible success paths for implementation. 

  • Taking into account monetization possibilities.

  • Lifestyle & holistic success goals

  • Resources and available capital.

Attendees will not just take notes. They will take action. And they will launch now and launch lean. 

Gone are the days of continually analyzing and then bringing a fully formed product to launch that may fall flat. The market determines their feasibility of an idea. The only true way to know what works is to launch. Launch with a start small, think big strategy, that tests your idea, brings revenue and a plan to pivot, if it doesn't work. 


  • They will identify their target market.

  • They will create a brand identity, plus social media handles etc

  • They will start to build their website.

  • They will learn how to bootstrap and DIY in style.

  • They will create a 90 day action plan and launch plan.


The idea behind this workshop is to get started! To do, to execute and to implement. You can and will figure it out as you go along. It is also to teach you how to start in a sustainable way, so you don’t burnout and run out of resources. 

When you start right, you can start making money right away! Instead of burning through cash, trying to figure it out.

This is perfect for 

  • people who are interested in being service providers or knowledge entrepreneurs.

  • people who get stuck in analysis paralysis.

  • People who need a firm push to actually get started.

  • People who have so many great ideas but who need help clarifying which path to take.

  • People who are great talkers but want to become great doers

  • People who know they have greatness inside and need help bringing it out. ‘

  • People who are not clear on their purpose, passions and even talents.


What this is not…

  • A business plan writing session.

  • A complete business course. The idea behind this is to get started, test things out and then once you have clarity on your direction & more understanding about your market, you then go and lock in the necessary foundations of a solid business.

What you will leave with (if you are ready):

  • A soft live launch and 90 day strategy

  • An offer that you will put out there and likely book PAYING clients. (You can start making money immediately and even recoup your investment with your first offer launch, if you are serious)

  • A plan to analyze your wins & build on them and to analyze your failures and pivot from them.

For a solo session, please contact Ekene can also do private passion spark experiences for groups or masterminds. 

This will be a virtual class. You will need to attend with a laptop to share your screen. 

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  • Are you sick of planning and getting stuck in execution?

  • Are you tired of hiding or wearing the all is well mask?

  • Tired of playing small and ready to embrace your ambition?

  • Ready to step into your spotlight?

You need this class. Authentic Confidence. 

This class will give you the grounding you need to dig deep and bring forth your greatness. 

If you have ever felt like you are not ready? Or maybe sometimes you feel like you have lost your mojo...or you feel like you have the wrong numbers on the scale, in your bank account or the wrong degrees...Maybe you get going but lose steam quickly when you are faced with challenges. 

Transformation and leader coach Ekene is going to take you through a powerful online workshop that you can attend in the comfort of your home with practical steps to start acting and living your life as the woman you want to be. 

You will become a doer and an achiever. You will start attracting amazing opportunities, people and relationships. You will become that woman that makes people say WOW!

If you don't want to waste the rest of 2016...

Register right now and start living your dreams.