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Expected Schedule of Events


August: Virtual Mastermind

September: Atlanta City Salon - Location TBA

October: Virtual Mastermind

November: Retreat in Puerto Rico

December: Visioning, Prayer and Praise Salon in participation with His Business Praise Day.

January: Virtual mastermind

February: Virtual Mastermind

April: Virtual Mastermind

May: Virtual Mastermind

June: Virtual Mastermind

Welcome to the Iconic Womanhood Circle

This group was created as a natural evolution of the Iconic Woman mastermind. It is a living, breathing, dynamic and beautiful thing, just like you, the women who are part of this unique and exclusive circle. You are not only members, but co-creators and keepers of this legacy of Iconic Womanhood.

I am so pleased to invite you to join the private membership of the Iconic Womanhood circle.


  • Monthly members masterminds: Members will have the ability to meet monthly to brainstorm and discuss goals, provide support and fellowship. Ekene will join in these conversations at minimum every other month but as often as possible.

  • Goal Mapping and Accountability support: Members will create quarterly goals and receive bimonthly virtual accountability prompts to help them stay on track with their goals.

  • Quarterly* Live City Salons: Once a quarter, the mastermind will be live in a US city (This may expand globally as the membership grows) These Quarterly Salons will be curated opportunities to fellowship, to refine and elevate our womanhood and increase our knowledge through conversation and experiences.

  • depending on the extent of the experience, additional costs may be incurred and passed on if member decides to participate. *Adjustments to live salons will be made as related to travel experiences.

  • Travel Experiences: Travel is an important component of Iconic Womanhood, so our team will curate and facilitate fabulous travel experiences for this group. Members will be able to extend personal invitations to their friends to join the travel experiences as long as they fill out an application. This is to protect the integrity of the experience for all members.

  • Personal and Professional Development resources through access to the full Refresh Leadership Circle Library of courses and guest expert lectures

  • Open invitation to be a guest on the Iconic Womanhood Podcast at least once in the year.


Expected Travel Experiences (subject to change)

Please note costs for travel experiences are not included in membership costs


March: The Paris experience. Explore the city of romance and refinement. We have created a unique Iconic tour that will elevate your womanhood in a myriad of ways.

July: New Orleans - Black Girl Magic anyone? Join us in a private mastermind in New Orleans and then go join the energetic experiences put on by Essence for 4th of July weekend.

August: Wining and Dining in Martha’s Vineyard