The Iconic Woman Mastermind


Master the unique feminine leadership skills that you need to succeed in today’s world.

Working as a woman in today’s world can feel like navigating land mines. You have to command influence and power but you also are expected to be soft and nurturing as a wife and mother. You are expected to rise to the highest levels but often in the workplace you find yourself wrestling with unconscious bias and exclusive cultures that seem designed to keep you from getting to the top.

Let me tell you a secret…yes, the world we live in matters, but what really matters is our inner environment. You win the game of life from the inside out!

When you truly discover your iconic womanhood keys, then you will be able to step out of a limited version of life and become limitless and a powerhouse.

How have you been allowing yourself to be limited?

What box are you allowing yourself to be boxed into?

It’s time to completely change the way you work, love and show up in life…It’s time for a game changer.

I’m inviting only 20 women to come on this unique leadership pilgrimage with me. It’s time to start your own hero’s journey.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

What will you do, when you become Iconic?

Maybe you will finally birth that million dollar idea that has been incubating in your soul.

Maybe you will completely refresh your relationship or attract a new one where you are passionately and wildly loved.

Maybe you will become one of the few but powerful CEO’s or founders of multi-million dollar companies.

  • Imagine waking up every day in love with your life.

  • Imagine creating and executing high level projects people are passionate about and being celebrated for it.

  • Imagine being the woman who walks into a room and people say "WOW!" Not just because of how you look the part, but because of who you are and what they know you bring to the table.

  • Imagine finally getting out of your own way & upleveling effortlessly and soulfully.

  • Imagine being part of a community that succeeds together. Being part of a team of like minded women going to the next level together.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
— Mark Twain

The Iconic Woman mastermind is a 6 month executive coaching & group mastermind experience run by the Master Coach for High Octane women, Ekene Onu, for women who are not afraid to be extraordinary. This is not for every woman. It is an intensive experience for women who are highly engaged and who want to make a powerful impact, leave a legacy AND live beautiful, love filled lives with soul.

Can we be real for a moment?

If you are like most women, then for a long time, you have played small. Even though you have achieved a lot, deep down inside, you know that you have not fully owned your power and greatness. 

You haven’t given yourself permission to be the ICON you were born to be. 

Well that stops now.

I want to invite you to really become the woman you know you are.

To finally be the confident powerhouse you were born to be.

To elevate your business or career with exponential growth.

To invite and receive the spotlight.

To begin to command large amounts of resources to change the world.

Are you ready? The Journey starts this January.

The Iconic woman mastermind is not just another video class series. It's not just a coaching program. It's a mission based pilgrimage led by Ekene Onu, a soulful coach, with the spiritual gift of insight and the real world skills of emotional intelligence, leadership development with an emphasis in diversity and inclusion. You will be part of an intimate community of highly engaged women, who are committed to go to the next level in their lives, businesses and ministries. Together. Ekene's guidance and coaching, you will get all the support, accountability and strategy you need to get started and keep things moving till you get to the top!

Iconic Woman Curriculum

There are 6 key focus areas:

You: The Inner Icon (Inspired, Confident, Original, Needed)

In this module.

beautiful black women.jpg
  • You will discover how to become a conscious engineer of success. You will examine your current models of reality and life systems and transform as necessary in order for you to become bold, confident and as Brene Brown put it, begin to dare greatly.

  • You will also learn how to fully harness the intangible power of intuition and spiritual knowing.

  • You will start to master creative visualization, a tool that can unlock faith.

  • You will eject all the disempowering beliefs and attitudes that hold you back

  • You will gain high level resilience techniques to be able to operate at the next level with grace

No matter how you start, once you have done this work, you will become an powerhouse magnetizing a completely new level of success to you.

You: The leader

  • You will become proficient in the critical skills you need today - Agility, Social and cultural intelligence, Empathy, Strategic curiosity & system thinking.

  • You will learn to channel your emotions and approach challenges with innovative solutions.

  • You will learn how to overcome institutionalized barriers and not only take your seat at the table but how to drive for a culture of collaboration and cohesion.

You: The Visionary

In this module,

  • You will focus on luminary ideation. Ideas that are birthed from identity, purpose and long range intention.

  • You will answer questions such as, what are the real issues in this season and what is the role I was created to play in transforming the world? What is my highest expression of purpose in this season?

  • You will expand your thinking and enlarge your sphere of influence.

  • You will dream big and take powerful action steps

You: The High Value woman


In this module, you will learn how to raise your value at work, at home and at play.

  • You will learn the skill of intimate relationship building.

  • You will discover and implement excellence practices that contribute to you creating massive results!

  • You will learn how to be fully engaged, with complete psychological availability and high vibes!

  • You will learn the value differentiators and match your self value with your perceived value.

You: The Voice


In this module, you will learn how to develop your most powerful voice.

Develop your most powerful voice 

  • Learn passionate Self Expression With power, compassion & soul.

  • Stand as a feminine Leader, connected to divine Purpose and empowerment. 

  • Fully embody your womanhood and unleash your charisma and most engaging energy

  • Play your Biggest, Boldest Game

You: The Activist


In this Module, you will learn how to fully align your actions with your intentions.

  • Identify and obliterate upper limit thinking and behaviors

  • Seek out and create small and large win opportunities while in the mastermind

  • Launch out into the deep with big, hairy, audacious projects

  • Build the high level personal network you need for your next level.


You can join Ekene’s exclusive coaching program for high octane women at two levels.

At the Premium level or the Luminary level.

Premium: Includes

  • 1 kick off strategy day - January 26th -  Atlanta (attend live or virtually) 

  • 12 Bi-Monthly audio lessons (You will receive these direct to your email box and you can listen as you drive)

  • 6 Monthly group implementation sessions with Ekene (During these sessions you will have the opportunity to deep dive as you implement your learnings and put your ideas into action)

  • 1 private strategy session with Ekene (in Ekene’s strategy session you will see the big picture so you can create it)

  • 6 soulful success sister sessions with your matched group (You BELONG with other highly engaged women who will understand, support, challenge and brainstorm with you)

1 private coaching/strategy session ($1000 value) + 6 facilitated masterclass + mastermind sessions (over $3000 value) + 6 matched soul sister sessions (value priceless) + strategy day (Valued at $1297)

Full program value is over $5000

Luminary: Includes

  • 1 kick off strategy day - January 26th -  Atlanta (attend live or virtually) 

  • 12 Bi-Monthly audio lessons (You will receive these direct to your email box and you can listen as you drive)

  • 6 Monthly group sessions with Ekene (During these sessions you will have the opportunity to deep dive as you implement your learnings and put your ideas into action)

  • 4 private customized coaching sessions with Ekene (Customized coaching focused on what you specifically need that will allow you to truly makeover your mindset, heart space and the way you show up in the world)

  • 6 soulful success sister sessions with your matched group (You BELONG with other highly engaged women who will understand, support, challenge and brainstorm with you)

    4 private coaching sessions ($4000 value) + 6 facilitated masterclass/ mastermind sessions (over $3000 value) + 6 matched soul sister sessions (value priceless) + strategy day (Valued at $1297)

    Full program value is over $8000

Are you ready? The Journey starts this January.

To sign up for the Premium level

Regular price $2997

RLC pricing with pay in full discount $2397



To sign up for Premium Installment plan

(Regular price $547 a month for 6 months)

RLC pricing $397 a month for 6 months




What I love most about her mastermind experience is Ekene goes DEEP!

Ekene has this unmistakably divine ability to help you uncover YOUR gems, and each webinar sets you on the path towards becoming that powerful "WOW" woman you were created to be. If you're ready for full-on life transformation - and not just a temporary boost, Ekene delivers just that!

J'Nae Johnson, Founder & Designer at Cheriss & Company


In such a short period Ekene, I've learned so much about who I am, become less self conscious and more aware, become mindful of my Community of power, highly intentional and cultivating the fabulous woman I am created to be, while simultaneously having fun, with great passion & utilizing my non-negotiable refresh rituals. Knowing that the possibility of being the woman I truly want to be is not a distant imagination but SHE lies within and the courage to make it a reality isn't that I'm not afraid but I'm truly READY, WILLING and Finally ABLE to become HER!

Linda, Pharmacist

This experience will elevate you to ICONIC status by helping you

- gain clarity on your particular  and how to bring it forth in the world. 

- create wealth by living intentionally so you spend meaningfully, attract prosperity & make your money work for you.

- Thrive! by understanding your thrive factors and craft a lifestyle strategy based on them.

- become more confident, elevate your natural charisma factors and become a WOW woman who gets things done.

- attract more love and/or refresh existing relationships. 

Who should apply? This is for you if...

  • You are committed to working on yourself and making the time to do so.

  • You are sick and tired of the status quo and really ready to change the way you are living your life.

  • You want to start operating at a higher level in life, business and love.

  • You know you are a leader and want a larger sphere of influence

  • You are anti-fluff and BS.

  • You are authentic and willing to be vulnerable.

  • You have a deep respect for yourself and others.

  • You are spiritual and understand that life is more than just what meets the eye.

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
— Jim Rohm

Who is Ekene really?

This is my story

5 years ago. I was unhappy, unfulfilled and overwhelmed with my life. I had checked all the right boxes. I was a pharmacist. A wife and a mother. But life sucked. I was dangerously overweight, sad a lot of the time & I felt stuck in the wrong life & trapped by my past choices. 

Then I literally got refreshed. I found myself and I discovered my magic & my mojo! I started losing weight, discovered my joy and started loving my life. I started my company Refresh & started coaching & teaching around the world. Last year I was named a global champion for women's empowerment and I am conversing with brands and executives that I never thought I would be able to. 

I want to share the process of discovery & transformation that changed me. You can become fearless. I want you to unleash the powerhouse you are inside. You have magic and greatness inside of you and it is time that it came out. It is time you started living as a bucket and not a cup. 

You deserve so much more in life! And you have so much more the world needs from you. I want to tell you something. You are special. You really are. I was never looked at as anything special but I was, just like you. I want you to stop hiding your greatness. I want you to invest in living the life that you dream about. I want you to invest in you. 

Getting right within changes you. It changed me. Completely. 

It changed my relationships. I had many toxic relationships. People would use me, wound me and not appreciate me. I set boundaries in them and some ended, some changed and I feel freer, more powerful and my life is more joyful. 

I became a doer. I don't talk about it, I make it happen. You can too. 

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
— Walt Disney