POWWOW sessions: Do you need a jumpstart? Maybe you don't need a long consulting engagement but a one time strategic planning session to help you gain clarity & create a plan for achieving holistic success in your life.

Join Ekene for a one on one strategy session that will help you breakthrough and push past what is holding you back, find your energy leaks & new reservoirs of energy & success tools and more. Recent clients have gotten power sessions for reasons like:

  • Creating a new outlook & a plan for reinvention after divorce
  • Getting back into business mode after being in mummy mode
  • Designing a life sabbatical 
  • Gaining clarity on what projects to focus on now.

POWWOW sessions average 2 - 3hours. After the session, you will receive two follow up emails & if you know Ekene, you know that even the emails will be filled with additional value and resources. 

BOOK A SESSION TODAY or contact admin@refreshwithekene.com for more information.  

VIP Executive coaching/personal leadership consulting: Reinvent yourself. Transform your lifestyle, revive your relationship or Retool your leadership style in 90 days. 

“As a busy attorney, wife, and mother, I often find myself needing to be refreshed. I would recommend Ekene’s Refresh With Ekene program to anyone who is seeking to utilize personal coaching as a means of self-discovery and service to others. Ekene is passionate about helping you become the best person you can be. Work with Ekene if you are serious about becoming actively involved in transforming yourself and your world and reaching your fullest potential. 

— Jill Johnson, Atlanta

FORTUNE 500 companies, invest a great deal in consulting so they can become better. Women who want to live extraordinary lives do so also. 

Why work with me? I bring real grounded teaching and learning, a global outlook and connections and so much more to the table. 

''Ekene is not your average coach, when you connect with her and learn from her, you can see that she not only offers wisdom from a deeply spiritual place, she is not regurgitating information but using her extensive educational experiences to serve you!" Hilary, Johannesburg

I developed a proprietary framework that is designed to create maximum results in the shortest amount of time. It is a 90day VIP program that will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

What does that mean? I take that framework and customize it completely for you. You are going to walk away, a brand new woman. You'll understand where your strengths lie, how to manage the elements in your life that have been holding you back and what sets you on fire so you can be the brilliant woman you were born to be.

If you invest in this program and it is an investment, we will work together one on one to discover & create and execute on your personal transformation blueprint by the end of our engagement. 

By the end of the 90 days, you will not only be taking action and executing on your goals, you will show up differently and move through the world with confidence, create more love and beauty in your world & become more joyful!

What makes this a VIP program?

I will work directly with you and you will have access to me through emails and more. In between our scheduled sessions, I’ll check in with you. I’ll do research on your behalf. I’ll use my maven and connecting skills to serve you. If you have a project that you want to get off the ground. Then let’s do it. You have a book you want to write? Let’s make it happen. But that's not all we will do, we will truly work on you! My goal is to help you become the amazing, powerful woman you were born to be!
What makes this so unique is that it is not just about a project, it is about transformation. Turning you into the best version of you. The woman who walks into a room and commands attention. The woman who seals the deal just with her smile. Your most confident and authentic self.

I will help you curate personal intentional learning adventures and retreats throughout our time together, so you can start living the life you desire. 

I will help you identify a community of power & craft a strategy to start connecting with them.  

I will help you positively engage the people in your life and lead change in their life. 

And much more. With me, you can be completely and utterly yourself. I already know you are awesome, I'm just going to walk alongside you and help you see that truth.

Are you ready to transform your LIFE!

How does this work?

I created phases with deliverables to help ensure results. Each phase is for roughly 30 days. During our engagement we will use this framework to ensure results. 

Phase 1: Holistic Discovery

Phase 2: Dream Design

Phase 3: Inspired Action

I created this structure to help clients achieve more concrete results in a shorter period of time.

What does my consulting require from the YOU?

1. A commitment to learning & trying new things, having a beginners mind. When one is learning, it can be uncomfortable, in order to successfully go through this program and through life, one has to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

2. Reflective and intentional introspection. In order for this to succeed the client has to not only set aside time for client and coach engagement, but must set aside regular time daily and/or weekly for introspection and intentional planning.

3. A commitment to take action. Nothing changes until we do something. You have to commit to take action and push yourself to be accountable. 

An investment in yourself always yields the best possible returns.

This is for the woman that wants a concierge experience only.  

Ready to commit or want more information? Please book a discovery session with me here.

I look forward to working with you soon!

Be well and thank you.

There is nothing that can compare to the beauty of a life that you love!