This detox changed my life.

Perhaps you were expecting a cayenne pepper, maple syrup recipe?...I'll leave that to Beyonce and as fab as she looks, this detox is still more powerful. 

It is a life detox.
If you have followed my story from the beginning, you know that I don't proclaim to have had a perfect life. I did a lot of things wrong. Made a lot of mistakes. If you wanted to judge me, there are plenty of things to tsk, tsk about. 
I'm human. 
But the beautiful thing about humanity is that we have the capacity to change. People can and do change (I'm living proof), relationships can change, lives can change. 
If you want a change, start with that faith, set your intention and take action. 

When I started changing, I realized that there were certain things that were holding me back from living an optimized life and I started paying attention and eliminating certain things and that was when I noticed that I started to change and my life followed suit. 

First Detox is
1. Detox your mindset. 
Get rid of negative thinking. 
What is the impact? Negative thinking defeats you before you begin. It creates a sense of futility and disempowers you. You will find that most people who think negative have difficulty starting any project or implementing ideas, because the brain is the most powerful organ in our bodies. What we believe we will make true. 

My husband is an ideas person, a dreamer. He always dreamed a bigger dream for me than I dreamt for myself. If you have attended any Refresh live events in the US in the past year, you will likely have received some handcrafted self care products. I have made them for years. Years ago, he thought it would a great idea to create a retail line...but I had every reason not to try. You know how they say, stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution, well that was me. 

When Carol's daughter, the beauty product company that started in Lisa Price's kitchen was sold for millions, he looked at me like, that could have been you. I owned it, perhaps it could have been me but I was too negative to try but thank God that I have finally detoxed from negative thinking and the difference is clear in my life.

What opportunities could you be missing right now by entertaining negative thinking?

So how do you detox? Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative...Choose what to focus on. If you find yourself focusing on all the bad things in a situation, choose to focus on the good things. Stop thinking about what could go wrong and start focusing on the things that could go right.
Use affirmations. Affirmations are powerful because when you change your language, it changes messaging your brain sends out to your body and that can change your behavior and how you show up in the world, which also changes what you experience in life. 
Set these affirmation reminders in your phone to go off every day once in the am, afternoon and pm

AM affirmation
I was born for this life. I have everything I need to accomplish my goals. I am enough and I can do this. 

Afternoon affirmation: My life is by design, I am intentional and everything around me responds to that and is leading me closer to who and where I want to be. 

PM: I am grateful and at peace. I choose to rest and refresh as I continue to move to my next level. 

Journal assignment. 
If you find yourself spiraling into negativity, take some time and journal through it. 
Reflect on the following questions
What is happening here?
What is the fear driving this thought?
If fear is false evidence appearing real, then what is the possible false evidence that I am showing myself?

2. Detox from unforgiveness & bitterness
I have learned to let go and release people that hurt me. Sometimes when people hurt me, I release the relationship as well but I can honestly say, even for people who are no longer in my life...there are no hard feelings because unforgiveness is too damaging a burden to carry. 

If you are really struggling with needing to forgive, please watch this video to learn more about how to forgive with grace.

Unforgiveness turns you into someone other than who you want to be. It is like a virus, it mutates and changes you. That's why hurting people often hurt people. That's why sometimes victims become the victimizers. When you don't release something, it takes a hold of you. As I said, I go deeper into forgiveness in this lengthy video.

Now I know how busy you are, so I'll stop here for today, I'll post part 2 tomorrow. I'm going to ask you to share this with anyone who you think would benefit from a life detox and feel free to share it. 
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