I have a confession

I have a confession. 

I have been settling.... Living a less than life. 

Despite all the work I do and teach about. I have been managing, making do, settling for less!

So let me confess, I had been managing my Netflix situation. Some time ago, my smart system with Netflix in the living room stopped working properly and so I couldn't watch it on our TV. Neither I or my husband had the time to address it (or so we thought - Well actually, I thought he should handle it and so I ignored it and left it on his to do list. He ignored his to do list! 😒)

So we managed. We made do. I settled for the inconvenience because he didn't have the time to address it and I refused to make it a priority, saying I also didn't have the time. 

Every so often, when frustrated with the limited selection on TV, one of us would ask, why isn't the Netflix working again? And we would shrug our shoulders. It had been so long we had forgotten the issue. 

I took to watching Netflix on my laptop when I had time (which was less and less, so we ended up paying for a service, we rarely used). A less than robust experience compared to the TV system downstairs and it happened less and less, since I watch TV primarily when I'm on the kitchen cooking or so. 

Some time ago, I decided enough was enough. I decided to face and fix the situation. I walked up to the smart system and decided to take responsibility! I discovered some loose wiring. I fixed that. Then I called my ISP and Netflix. 30mins later. I was back in business. 

It only cost me 30mins. Now on some days 30minutes is a big deal. But all in all, it was just 30mins. 

I want to ask you to consider your life. What are you managing? What are you just accepting in its less than state because you think you don't have the time or resources to address it? 

You deserve to live a better quality of life. (Netflix is not a big deal really, but it can add value, for example over the weekend I watched a documentary and a foreign film that elevated my thinking and gave me some creative ideas) 

What could be adding value to your life? What could be elevating the quality of your thinking and inspiring you to creativity. 

I want to challenge you to say enough. Yes it will cost you! But in the grand scheme of life, it won't cost you that much. And besides, aren't you worth living well?

You are worth too much not to invest what is necessary into yourself! - You can quote me! My clients say they hear my voice in their heads! 😂

Here are 3 quick steps to take. 

1. Get clarity: What kind of life do you want? What is managing a less than situation costing you? Clarity creates the why and the why gives you the energy to fix things. 

2. Assess the situation. Define the problem: Sometimes a problem looks bigger because we haven't taken the time to really sort through it. Once you do, it may not be that big a deal. Break the problem into steps. 

3. Take action: If you hit a roadblock, go back to step 2. Assess the roadblock, break it down. If you run out of steam, go back to 1, remember your why. 

So I started my story with a metaphor about Netflix but of course I have settled for less in other areas as well. For years I settled for a job I didn't love and feeling tired and frustrated all the time. I settled for not feeling excited and passionate in my life. I settled for relationships where I wasn't quite valued. 

My life changed when I decided to stop settling and making do. And to start living. 

I started invested in me. I made the time to change things. I spent the money necessary to improve my life. 

And Refresh was born. My life was changed...is changing. And of course I have had setbacks and I have had to go back to step 2 a few times and step 1, a few more times too. But I'm moving forward and my life is drastically different and far more joyful. It's not done yet, but I'm on my way...are you?

Are you managing feeling frazzled and overwhelmed? Do you feel like you are doing it all but it's costing you your life?

Do you feel like you have lost your mojo just a little bit and you want that sparkle back?

Or are you in a place of transition and you want a partner to help you create that life you dream about?

It's time to stop settling. It's time to do what is needed and invest in yourself. 

You deserve the best and it's your responsibility to make it happen. 

If you know you want to take a partner in this process and are ready to invest in yourself, then consider reaching out to me to get one of my few remaining coaching slots for this next quarter. Email me at ekene@refreshwithekene.com for more info.

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