When we go through, it hurts...

You've heard this before...

Rejection is protection, your mess is your message...I myself wrote a book called Despair to Destiny!

But when we go through periods of adversity, it can be hard to deal. When we lose things that matter to us, it can be heartbreaking, when relationships that were important to us die, it can be soul bruising. 

And it is hard to see the blessing. 

But it is there. 

You see, technically your heart can not break. It is a muscle, so with every rip and tear, it actually can get bigger. The hurt you feel today...if you can allow the pain to flow over you, don't deny it, resist it or block it but don't hold on to it either. Grieve as needed. Forgive as needed. If you can do that, your heart will grow as muscles do when weight is placed on them and they are fed and have rest. The weight is the pain. The food is your faith and your focus on purpose. 

Your heart will grow and your capacity for love will increase, but not only that, so will your capacity for life. The word says that all issues of life flow from your heart and so if your heart is bigger, stronger and better, so will be your potential for a better quality of life. 

Your bruised soul will be transformed. Pain can be a fire that refines. It burns off all the lies and false boundaries that held you back because, bottom line, you are clearly surviving something that probably felt like you couldn't before. It also burns off ego and false ideologies because it will bring you to the brink and force you to see yourself and can be a tool of self awareness. 

It also defines you. There comes a time when you have to pick what path you will follow. The path of bitterness and victimhood or the path of freedom and love and faith? There comes a day when you pick yourself up and declare, this is who I am despite my circumstances or maybe even because of them. When you choose the path of faith, forgiveness and purpose and love, you are transformed. And you become more powerful and more soulful. 

But you have to allow the pain to flow. You have to embrace the process. 

You have to believe in purpose. 

You have to hold on to your faith. 

I can testify to encourage you. What you wanted to hold on to that you lost, is nothing compared to what you can receive and attract if you will allow this process to be finished. If you will let go in your heart and mind and surrender. 

I lost some things in the years past. Even ended some relationships. And at the time, it hurt. But it's a new day and when I say that I am surrounded by loving people, truly loving people who see me as I am and who I see, wow! 

Don't keep holding on to something just because it was familiar. Sometimes God allows a break, so that you can have space for something better and He allows you to go through brokenness, so you can become better. 

Despair can be the path to destiny. Adversity can lead to advantage. 

You've heard this before, because it is true. 

And the truth, will set you free.