Are you ready for Primetime?

Everyone wants to be on Oprah's interview seat. 

Everyone wants their product on the shelves of a big retail store. 

Everyone wants a New York Times bestselling book and all the interviews and accolades that go along with it. 

Everyone wants to be a raving 

But...are you ready? 

Some people have been on Oprah but because their business wasn't ready to absorb all the demand that came along with that spotlight, they crashed and burned. 

Some successful small businesses have gotten the opportunity to grow large quickly with a big retail contract or a large infusion of cash and instead of growth, the company dies. 

Some people have become thoughtleaders and luminaries and the pressure of the persona was too much for their personal lives and so it devours them physically or spiritually.  Either they become toxic or they lose themselves so thoroughly that they are gone literally or figuratively. 

Some people have found success and lost their souls. 

In Ecclesiastes, it is written, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

Often we are impatient during our various seasons because we want the season of ultimate success. We want to be known by many and admired and adored. We want people to tell us how amazing we are. We want money and wealth and influence. And we want it all now. 

But what if we are going through the various seasons for a reason? 

What if the initial stage of seeding and planting is helping you get clear on your message so that no matter whose interview seat you end up in, you won't be pressured to dilute it in order to fit in?

What if that season seems drawn out to teach you empathy and compassion? I find that people who find success early sometimes conflate grace and hard work. They sometimes lack empathy for others because they think their wins are simply because of them, but there is grace in all things as when you ignore it, you can become hard, unyielding and full of yourself. 

What if the tending season is so you can learn how to take care of yourself as you grow? So you can develop a true support system who can tell you the truth, who you can truly be yourself with and be vulnerable if needed. So you can face your stuff and deal before the spotlight shines full blast on you. 

What if the budding season, when you are beginning to get some traction and make some headway is so that you can get a taste of success and understand all the layers to it from the bitter to the sweet? So that you learn that not everyone can handle others winning and you can discover who might be draining you as well. So you can experience the sweet and have an opportunity to analyze it alongside your values. What if it shows you what could be and gives you an opportunity to prepare for that next level? 

Every season is necessary and useful. At the end of the day, be successful, but don't lose your soul in the process.