The things that blocked me from success for so long...

Hi beautiful!

I'm writing you from downtown Chicago, where I was invited to come and speak at a conference on resilience. 

I'm sitting in my room about to go and workout so I can get my energy up for my presentation this morning and make sure that I deliver with fire! But before I do that I was just reflecting on life. I was thinking about how we actually block ourselves from having the lives we desire with simple mistakes and choices, most of the time, because we don't know or are unaware. 

Can I share some of the things that blocked me for so long and the shifts I made that have allowed me to step into a new way of living?

1. I didn't know myself. I didn't really know who I was and what my true gifts were. I didn't understand how I could impact the world. I didn't know what my leadership archetype was or even if I was called to be a leader. Occasionally, I would feel a stirring within to learn more, but I would ignore it and go back to my day to day living as a pharmacist. 

But listen, if you are like me, your soul is calling...significance is calling...the greatness you were born to is calling...

It's time to answer. I had to do the work. A lot of the time spent at Georgetown getting my training involved us becoming self aware and doing our own personal work. I invested a lot of money in that program and for a year, I flew to DC every month but it was money I'll always be grateful I spent because it was so valuable to learn about myself & it changed the way I showed up in the world. It changed my business, changed my even changed my marriage for the better! 

This is why in the WOW mastermind, the first module is about you...learning what makes you thrive, your leadership archetype and charting your path to purpose. 

J'Nae Johnson, one of the WOW participants in the last cohort said - "What I love most about the WOW mastermind experience is Ekene goes DEEP! Ekene has this unmistakably divine ability to help you uncover YOUR gems..."

It's time to uncover your gems, so you too can get clear on how you are really meant to shine! If you come to the Rise retreat, you'll meet J'Nae & Kathleen & Linda, ladies who were part of the first cohort of Operation WOW and who have decided to go even further and RISE!

2. I kept trying to do everything in my own power and in my own strength. I tried to create success on my own. I didn't ask for help and even when help was offered, I often shunned it. 

Listen beautiful, you are not meant to go it alone. There are people that have been strategically placed in your life to help you bring your vision to life. 

The other thing I had done was design a lifestyle that wouldn't allow me to be successful no matter what. Some of you can't pursue success because your lives are just too full...but not full of things you love and that are moving you forward, but full of obligations and meeting other people's expectations. Full of to-do lists and minutiae. 
You are trying to juggle all the balls and still failing. What if you could learn how to create a synergistic lifestyle? Where everything worked together beautifully and you weren't spending all of your energy and time trying to do it all? 

This is why in the WOW mastermind, the second module is about working smarter, not working harder and creating a holistic success ecosystem. 

It's a powerful teaching that shifts the way you think! Which is why Linda who is a busy woman, a mother, a business woman, a pharmacist and she runs and has all these amazing passions...Linda, you are an inspiration!!! She was able to say this, "In such a short period Ekene, I’ve learned so much about who I am, become less self conscious and more aware, highly intentional and cultivating the fabulous woman I am created to be, while simultaneously having fun, with great passion & utilizing my non-negotiable refresh rituals."

Isn't it time for you to start having more fun and living with great passion and to start cultivating the fabulous woman you were created to be? 

3. I didn't know how to be a woman of influence and impact, but once I learned, wow, watch out. It made me a dynamic speaker! So much so that one of the Dean's at Georgia Tech who sat in on one of my talks said "Ekene makes you feel like you can do anything!" 
I cherished that testimonial, because for a long time, I was that woman that no-one thought would do anything special. Some people counted me out. They didn't think I had it in me to be a success in this way. 
And I can't even blame them, because I would start things and then stop. I played small, I hid...I procrastinated away opportunities...even when I had a great plan, I wouldn't implement. 

This is why the last two modules of the WOW mastermind are about amplifying your voice and impact and creating a personal culture of success. Let's face are brilliant and amazing, but if you are not operating in your purpose and walking the path to success, some things may be holding you back. You may need to invest in figuring out what it is and ditching it. 

Some people have cultures that are toxic to success. Your culture is how you roll, how you live. Too many of us have rituals, practices and ideas that are actually hindering us from achieving our goals and what's worse is that we don't even realize the connection. 

Once you do, it changes your whole life, you start to become a powerhouse. You are still humble, kind and graceful, but you have harnessed your personal power and are creative, resourceful and a leader.

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