Who should I marry? Part 1:

Someone asked me if it was important to marry within your culture. You see Nigerians take this a step further. It's not enough that you be the same race, or from the same country but to some from the same ethnic group is best. 

My thoughts after seeing countless marriages are as follows. 
If you meet someone who speaks the same language, eats the same traditional food and understands and honors the same customs because you are from the same tribe or place that is brilliant! It's wonderful to share and celebrate being from the same place, 
That person speaks the same language about VISION and VALUES and respects and honors your VOICE. See my youtube video on this.
That person appreciates you and helps you be your best. 
If that person has qualities you would love to see in your children. 

The latter set of requirements is more important than the first, so if you meet someone from a different tribe, country or race who meets those requirements and you feel passionately about that person and he does about you, GO FOR IT! I have seen so many successful cross cultural marriages. 

For most modern people our personal culture is what dictates how we live our lives. So that's what we should pay the most attention too.