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Let’s be honest…we have all felt a little green with envy from time to time. No…so are you trying to say it’s just me? Ok…fine, I’ll go it alone.

But honestly, I know we have all felt a pang of something before, and then we suppress it because we know envy is wrong and besides, we are civilized folk.

Here’s the thing, the other side of envy is actually admiration, it’s just that envy brings with it, bitterness, resentment and a whole host of “why not me’s!”. But at the core of envy is a recognition that someone has done well, or has some abilities that you wished you had.

However this one refreshing revelation may help you learn to use those envy pangs to your advantage.


Whatever you hate or love in others is a reflection of what you see in yourself. 

You see it, because you recognize it. You recognize that you have the same seed of greatness inside of you. And that recognition, bubbles up and challenges you…it’s like a little voice saying, when are you going to step up into your own greatness?”

That feeling is uncomfortable…so most of us, just deal with the surface emotion, we don’t go deep. 

We don’t ask ourselves why we are feeling this way. 

I believe in leaning into the wind, instead of always fighting it, so when next you see someone actually implementing an idea and making it work, or perhaps she is wearing a fashion trend that you never had the nerve to rock, or maybe she just seems to get it, and you feel the aura of green envy coming on…lean into it.

I don’t mean become bitter, rude and resentful and I certainly don’t mean try to knock the person down by diminishing their, lean into it by following these three steps. Read more here