Who discovered the first diamond in South Africa...and why should you care?

In the 1800's South Africa was not known as the Gold coast. It was nothing like it is today. But in 1866, there was a game changing event that happened. A 21¼-ct diamond was discovered close to the banks of the Orange river. 

According to history, the diamond now known as the Eureka Diamond was discovered by a young boy, Erasmus Stephanus Jacobs, on his father’s farm. He thought is was a shiny pebble and he and his sisters used it as a plaything. 

One day, a neighbor, Schalk van Niekerk, who had some knowledge of geology, noticed the stone while visiting the Jacobs’ farmhouse. He offered to buy it, but Erasmus' mother refused to accept any payment and simply gave the stone to him. 

A few months later, Van Niekerk gave the stone to his friend John Robert O’Reilly who then identified it as a diamond.

When it was tested the stone was finally declared to be a diamond weighing 21¼ ct. It was then sold for quite a sum in those days. 

Sadly enough, the Jacob family never received a penny for their great discovery.

Today, South Africa is known for its diamonds, but the boy who discovered it, never was able to be impacted by the value of what he didn't know he had. 

Are you like Erasmus? 
Unfortunately many of us are. We don't understand what we have, our talents, our gifts, our passions...we don't think of them as having great value or importance. We give away our diamonds, because we don't recognize what they are. 

And let's be honest...you might even be allowing someone else to come in and mine your diamonds (even though they are in you) and profit of you, while you receive nothing. 

Isn't it time you changed the game for yourself?

When you understand yourself and become more self aware, you will be able to identify your diamonds. 
You will know what makes you valuable and how to ask for what you deserve. 
God has given you great gifts already, but you have to recognize them in order for you to use them. 

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In order for the diamond to be properly identified, it had to be sent to Dr Atherstone, the only geologist within a 200 mile radius. They had to go to a man who had studied precious stones in order to understand it more. 

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