A must watch! Dr Cornel West in Paris.

This just might be the best 11minutes you will spend today. Dr West is not here for games, y'all!
Talking 'bout truth telling! I don't what race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, you align with...there is some truth here for you. 

Highlights for me are as follows in no particular order. 
1. We live in a society that "puts a premium on a joyless quest for pleasure" Mmmhmm!!!
2. Will you be a "superficial spectacle" (keep chasing those likes!) or a "Soul Stirrer!" A Soul Stirrer empowers!!! (Look, I told you he was not playing!)
3. Are you a Peacock or an Eagle. Peacocks strut because they can't fly! Showing off your superficial success that has no real impact. But Eagles, eagles have "spiritual nobility" (This had me standing up!!)
4. Use your success for something bigger than you!
5. "Most importantly - COURAGE!"
6. "Don't allow black success to hide and conceal the misery that still exists" (in our community)
7. There is an awakening. "A shattering of complacency, A shattering of cowardice"
8. "In our short lives, can we try to enact and embody the best that has been passed to us, in a moment when commodification is ubiquitous!" (YAAAASSS! You better stay in school for that one!)
9. Because it has to be said twice. Most importantly, COURAGE.
10. I started on the chocolate side of town...(but this is international) across all lines (Yes! I thought this when he started and I'm glad he was explicit about it. This is for every one who wants to be a truth teller, a soul stirrer...especially for a soul sister like me!

Thank you Dr Cornel West.