Wise woman, Soul Teacher, Purpose Catalyst

UN Women, Empower women Global Champion 2016.

Pharmacist with over two decades of experience

Certified Professional and Emotional Intelligence Coach.

Organizational & change leadership expert.

Published Author & Sought after motivational speaker.


Ekene is a certified professional and emotional intelligence coach. She is also certified in Organizational and change leadership. 

She started her working career as a pharmacist and practiced for close to two decades and then she started Refresh with Ekene, a coaching and consulting company, in response to the need she saw with the professional and high achieving women who came to her pharmacy every day, to get prescriptions for high blood pressure or insomnia or depression or other challenges.

She also felt a need to shift in her own life. She went through her own personal journey and transformed her career path, health state and way of living. 

Now she travels the country teaching, training, speaking and creating amazing beautiful experiences for women to get refreshed. 




Ekene can create a custom presentation but here are some of her signature presentations. 


THRIVE: The 4 keys to real work-life "balance"

This talk is suitable for affinity groups, retreats, conferences and more. 

When women thrive, they are more productive. Ekene has delivered versions of this to various organizations in the Atlanta area & in West and South Africa.

Here are some of the comments of participants.

"Ekene is confident & inspiring. The workshop was all around amazing. At every stage there were actionable points."

"This workshop was energetic. Ekene showed me how to change the way I live by becoming more intentional & self aware"


The triple P's of POP

How to stand out & become recognized for your gifts, talents & how to up level your personal brand.

Ekene teaches & coaches women in this workshop to bring their true "POP" factors to the table. She shows women how to become authentically confident in their own skin. She shows you how to own it as a woman, no matter where you are in life.

This is perfect for conferences, private events, lunch and learns, retreats and more. Ekene & her team can even create a more robust event experience if needed. 

"I had been feeling quite negative & challenged in my work & relationship. But I feel energized and filled with possibility. You have made it clear, that I must go back and return to myself and bring my best self to the table. Thank You!



Getting unstuck & hitting Refresh   

The simple steps to feeling fierce, fabulous and free. 

Ekene shares her Refresh revelations and dimensions in this presentation and through a mix of interactive exercises, engaging material and fun material, Ekene gets her audience energized, excited and filled with possibility. 

 Give yourself the gift of a Refresh intentional experience or adventure for a fabulous mix of fun, connection and transformation.

  • Are you or your besties celebrating a milestone like a birthday, anniversary or some other wonderful notable event?
  • Do you or your girlfriend need to reinvent yourself or get out of a rut and you want to create a VIP experience that will do just that and still be fabulous?
  • Maybe you just had a baby or you finally realize that you've been mothering everyone and you would like a day just for you?
  • Maybe you got a divorce or some other life transition...whatever the reason, you need to be "refreshed"?

Let me create a custom experience just for you. My fascination advantage archetype is as the Connoisseur, and so when I curate experiences, I find elements that are unique and unusual & I put them together in a truly insightful way...which makes for a powerful experience that is both incredibly entertaining and life transforming.

Over the years I have created hundreds of signature intentional experiences. I can create one that is perfect for you. For experiences as small as one and as large as 30, I can design something that is both fabulous and transformational. Do you have an event coming up? 

Contact our team at admin@refreshwithekene.com