Reinvent yourself. Transform your lifestyle, revive your relationship or Retool your leadership style in 90 days. 

FORTUNE 500 companies, invest a great deal in consulting so they can become better. Women who want to live extraordinary lives do so also. 

Why work with me? I bring real grounded teaching and learning, a global outlook and connections and so much more to the table. 

''Ekene is not your average coach, when you connect with her and learn from her, you can see that she not only offers wisdom from a deeply spiritual place, she is not regurgitating information but using her extensive educational experiences to serve you!" Hilary, Johannesburg

I developed a proprietary framework that is designed to create maximum results in the shortest amount of time. It is a 90day VIP program that will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!


Are you looking for high level strategy, community and support and not ready or interested in private coaching? Consider joining the Ekene's monthly group coaching incubator community for high achieving and high potential women, with full access to her library of leadership and transformational courses and a monthly group coaching call with the opportunity for spot coaching, consider joining the Refresh Leadership Circle at our private leadership level. 


What some of my clients have said...

As a busy attorney, wife, and mother, I often find myself needing to be refreshed. I would recommend Ekene’s Refresh With Ekene program to anyone who is seeking to utilize personal coaching as a means of self-discovery and service to others. Ekene is passionate about helping you become the best person you can be. Work with Ekene if you are serious about becoming actively involved in transforming yourself and your world and reaching your fullest potential.
— Jill Johnson, Attorney, Atlanta

Ekene’s sessions were packed full of valuable insights. I really loved that we started with the inner work around our current reality before creating our plan for where we want to go. The Aha’s gained during the inner work session were very deep for me. During the planning session I was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to a new framework for planning that is outside my normal routine. I thoroughly enjoy planning and thought I knew all the methods there were to know! But the lifelong learner in me embraced the techniques that Ekene has developed over her years of experience, and I am still soaking in all the material. After attending one of Ekene’s events, I always feel taken care of, heard, and validated. I love recommending her to others because I know they won’t be disappointed!
— Iffath Lotallah, Accountant/Goal Realization coach









Instructional Design/Retreat planning/Experiental training:

  • Are you planning a conference or an event and need an interactive workshop?
  • Do you need a leadership or team building retreat for your team?
  • Are you putting together a social event and want to infuse it with intention?
  • Are you wanting to launch a product or business and want to connect with your consumers in a more meaningful way?

Ekene and her team can design and even execute unique visionary event ideas for intentional, refreshing event for organizations, companies and individuals. 

For inquiries please contact

Email: Admin@refreshwithekene.com