Soulful Success VIP Session

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Soulful Success VIP Session


This one on one intensive is for you if:

:: You’re willing, ready and able to invest in your amazing future at this level. Everything is an exchange and so when you engage at a high level and if you implement all the work we will do together, you can expect powerful results*

:: You want to accelerate your growth and fast track your journey to success with a solid game plan with clear actionables that deliver results.

:: You’re ready to do the work, you know you have what it takes,but you need expert guidance and support to help you move to the next level.

:: You want more clarity on your unique feminine signature and value proposition and help designing a purposeful living model so you can confidently start walking in your calling and attracting in abundance.

:: You’re ready to go to the next level, take committed action and you know God wants you to be successful.

:: You’re ready to commit to a full session and then a season of getting it done!

Time commitment: 4 - 5 hours, session can be scheduled anytime within 6months of purchase. Sessions will be scheduled at mutual convenience between coach and client.

*Results are not guaranteed, as results will come when the client executes the strategy.

*There are no refunds on this product.

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